When you use your computer a lot, you need it to perform.  So, it is really frustrating when your computer starts experiencing problems like taking forever to boot, crashing while you are in the middle of using a program, getting error messages, or going really slow.

There are countless forums and articles with advice about how to improve computer performance.  But, honestly, who wants to experiment with a bunch of different tasks and settings in hopes of seeing a difference?  Rather than meddling with all these DIY methods of increasing performance, you can instead buy a software program to increase performance for you. One such product  claims it can automatically restore your PC’s health!

To findout if this product is right for you and your computer needs, please read this detailed pc health boost review I have put together to help you make an informed decision.

What is PC HealthBoost?

This is an effective all-in-one PC Optimization program developed by two like minded tech-savvy geniuses, to help you take fast backups, perform quick scan and clean the Windows Registry for speeding up the performance of your system and making it more reliable.

It’s key purpose I would say is mainly for: repairing & preventing windows errors, pc crashes, freezing, and the dreaded blue screen of death.

The software package comes equipped with special features that are competent in taking proper care of the boring and too technical computer maintenance automatically.  After installing the program, all you need to do is click a few buttons and the tool will automatically restore your PC health.

There is a free version of the tool which will solve basic performance issues.  It will:

  • Repair file associations
  • Repair font entries
  • Remove unneeded startup programs

The premium version of the tool does much more.  It claims to:

  • Get rid of error messages and reduce crashing
  • Get rid of DLL and EXE problems
  • Improve PC speed

By fixing these problems, you can significantly improve a computer’s performance.  The premium version of the software also automatically backs up the registry.  If you accidentally delete an important file, you can just click the “restore” button to return it to normal.  Another nice feature of the premium version is that you can schedule scans so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do computer health maintenance.

Who Is Behind it?

It was made by the reputable software development company “Boost Software Inc.”, based out of Boston, MA, a company co-founded by Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar, the same company which is behind DriverBoost and the free program Startup Boost.  Like with all of Boost Software programs, it is made for everyday people who are not tech savvy.

Boost Software is a Microsoft Partner on the Gold Application Development level.  To be eligible for this partnership, Boost Software had to meet certain requirements, like having their products tested and having 4 Microsoft Certified Professionals employed at the company.  Boost Software has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and has an “A” rating. As far as security goes, Boost Software’s website is McAfee Secured and Norton Secured.

According to Amit Mehta, the basic idea behind this product was to provide an all-in-one computer repair, maintenance and security tool for the non-techie computer operators and save them from the troubles that their workstation might face in the future. They understood the basic requirement of maintaining the personal computer on a regular basis and acted accordingly to make it easier for the active users.  This is why the design is especially for those people who are troubled by the slow performance of their computer and want an old-school, push button type solution for overcoming it.

So What Can You Expect?

This is a software application that helps you by instantly repairing the Windows registry errors, while enhancing the overall performance of your work-machine.

The tool offers a smart startup program manager, named as Startup Boost. This program manager equips you with the power of managing every program that launches immediately after boot, which definitely plays a dominant role in slowing down your PC.

You also other features like:

  • ScanSafe = an algorithm used quickly analyze your computer & repair the errors / problems
  • Scan Scheduling = define schedules to scan/optimise the registry on boot or any day/time.
  • StartUp Boost = eliminate unnecessary startup programs running and speed up your boot time

As per my usage opinion and of a million others, the tool is capable of doing the magic in less than 2 minutes. The software scans your computer, locates and upkeeps the critical errors in the Windows Registry folders, and boosts up the PC’s speed, reliability and the overall performance. Being powered by Microsoft’s .Net technology, this smart program is fully secure for regular usage. Moreover, its simple user interface and zero conflict options prove to be an added advantage for troubled users like you

Does it Work?

As far as living up to its claims, it seems to do a pretty good job of improving performance. The software has a slew of impressive awards and positive reviews from reputable sources like SoftwareArray.com, Download25.com, Brothersoft and Tucows.   As far as user reviews go, it has had more positive reviews than negative.

If your computer is really having performance problems, then you will likely see an immediate improvement after running the software application (though users do say that it initially takes a few scans to get a PC back up to health).  If your PC isn’t having any major performance problems though, then you might not be so enthusiastic about paying for this tool because improvements probably won’t be as noticeable.

What Are Other Actual Users Saying?

“Rumours and Criticism are a part and parcel of Success”;   You can find a lot of reviews of PC Health  Boost on sites like CNET, MyWot, and the Better Business Bureau.  The reviews are mixed but mostly lean on the positive – which is surprising because these types of software programs tend to illicit negative reviews.  For example, on CNET, it currently has 15 5-star reviews and only 4 4-star reviews.  Likewise, there are more positive reviews than negative at most other sites too.

My computer was running very slow, after I ran PC HealthBoost I notice my computer was loading much faster and everything was running much smoother.  Furthermore the Boost tech support was excellent as well, they helped me find a virus that was on my PC. My computer runs like NEW now! Thanks You! – from ZyroTR1, posted at MyWOT

I keep my PC pretty clean, but PC HealthBoost found some concerns and fixed them for me. Since then, my PC has gotten a little faster with each use of the program. I also found it useful on my mother’s laptop. I installed this program on there so that she would have the help she needed to keep her computer running without having to call me so often. –from DevonKhawaja, posted at CNET

I just downloaded PC healthboost and it has cleaned up and fixed the errors in my computer. You can really tell the difference when you launch a program. I will definitely keep the software on my PC and run regular scan and cleanup to keep it running fast.  – Karen

I think this product does wonders. I was having issues with my registry along with .dll problems. I had the software scan my entire system and find the issues I was having. Once the issues were detected I had them repaired and fixed. Now everything is running smoothly. Not only that, my computer’s performance and speed are much better. Great product for a great price.   – April, a happy customer.

The negative reviews of PC Health Boost are mostly from people who used the free version of the program and expected great results.

This is misleading.  It tells you that it I will provide you a service for free!  Not True!!!!  29.95 is not free.  What is your definition of “Free”.  This service is not free and do not download it. – from EVAN S., posted at BBB.com

Some of the other negative reviews say that it was a waste of money because you can do everything that the software does yourself.  In response to this, one reviewer had this to say:

To all the people who say this is useless I disagree. Just because you can do it yourself does not mean paying for it makes it useless. I can wash my own dishes but I still buy a dishwasher. I can change my own oil but I still pay someone to change it.  This is no different. I can fix my own errors but I still prefer to pay to have it done for me. It is quicker and easier. ”  – by apm8735, posted at MyWot.com

Things to Keep in Mind?

The first thing to remember is that there are two versions: the free light version and the premium version.  You can fix some really basic problems with the free version, but don’t expect dramatic improvements.  To really improve your PC performance, you’ve got to buy the premium version of the program.

Many people will be reluctant to shell out the $29.95, especially since there are so many free programs available which claim to do the same thing.   These free programs sometimes will get the job done, but they often install annoying toolbars or adware on your computer.  For that reason, a lot of people will find it worth it to buy.

If you are computer savvy, you also might not like it because virtually everything it does you could do yourself.  For example, you can get rid of DLL errors yourself by reinstalling programs or doing a system restore.  If you feel comfortable doing these tasks and don’t mind spending the time on it, then PC Health Boost is probably not for you.  The software is made for people who want a really easy way to improve their computer performance and also keep it performing through automatic maintenance.

The software is compatible with almost every version of Microsoft Windows launched after Windows XP, it runs perfectly with the minimum requirements of 1024MB Ram and 10MB of Hard Disk space

Coupons / Disounts?

All products have periods where discounts/coupons are available, so when these discounts/coupons are available, I will let you know.

Currently no discounts are available for it, and you should be careful of people claiming that there are discounts at the momnent, because we have been in contact with the Product owner themself, and there are NO currently available discounts, thus that site might be a scam!

Tips for Buying?


Think this tool is for you?  There are a few things that you should know before buying it.

Where to Buy?

A legitimate version is free of malware.  To avoid the risk of counterfeit products, don’t try to download an illegal version on Torrent or buy it from unknown sites.  Only buy from reputable sources like the company’s website, which has been provided in a link at the bottom of this review.


You can download the light version for free.  If you want the full version, then you will have to pay $29.95 for it.  This price is on par with other similar products. Note that this price is for a SINGLE license only, which means you can only use it on one computer.  There are options for 2, 3, and 5-PC licenses as well:

•           $29.97 for Single PC License Key

•           $49.97 for 2 PC License Key ($30 saved)

•           $69.97 for 3 PC License Key (Saves $50)

•           $89.97 for 5 PC License Key ($110 saved)

For the purchase price, you get to use it for one full year.  Afterwards, you will have to buy the program again to continue using it.  Currently, there is an option available to extend the license for another year for an additional $9.97.

All the costs are one-time payments that have to be made at the time of purchase. Renewals are subject to further charges, which can be purchased later on.

There are NO hidden costs or delivery charges, as the product is available for direct download on your PC.

Payment Methods?

The company provides a wide number of payment options to the users, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover, to facilitate easy payments.

What is Included?

When you buy, you get the software program for a full year and access to any updates which are made during that time.  You also get access to 24/7 support.  The support is available both through email and over the phone via a toll-free number.  There is also a Boost Software knowledge base and forum where you can seek help.

Any Guarantee?

It comes with a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with the program, you can simply ask for a refund, simply write to the developers and you can have your money back within 60 days of purchase.

The Verdict:

It is rightly said that with success comes a lot many things, and rumors and criticisms are a part of it. Though it has come across a lot of negative comments, baseless rumors, criticisms from the so-called-experts and a lot of bashing from inane users, it has only helped the software in earning its fair share of popularity among users like you. The developers have acted upon the genuine criticisms and corrected the flaws to make it one of the best PC Optimization tool available in the market today.

So, if you are trying to find an old-school method of automating your PC maintenance and boosting its performance, it’s worth giving a shot.  The tool is designed to make it incredibly easy to improve and maintain PC health.

Judging from the reviews and awards that this program has received, it does live up to its promises.  People who are experiencing performance problems like error messages, crashing, and slow speeds will appreciate what the tool can do. Since it usually takes several hours to fix these problems by yourself and free programs aren’t very reliable, we feel that it is worth it to invest in to improve your computer’s performance.

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